by S. Easton

April 6, 2022

Tired of paying for bottled water delivery or making inconvenient trips to self-serve water refill stations? A handy new countertop water filter from Sagan Life® provides the best tasting, high quality purified water for your family – without all the hassle. With the 5 Gallon Jug Water Filter System, easily fill your 3 or 5 gallon jug from the convenience of your kitchen faucet and drink great tasting purified water without leaving home.

No More Trips to Water Bottle Refill Stations

The other day, a friend and I were out running errands… you know, pick up this and that from here and there. We all have those days when we just need to get small tasks done and get them out of the way. Well, my friend was in the store and I was in the car, waiting for her to finish up when I noticed we happened to be parked in front of a ‘water refill store’.

I am a “people watcher” by nature, so naturally, I was watching young and old folks with their cumbersome empty gallon jugs, refill the jugs, then tote them back to their cars.

One person had 12 empties, so that was a real chore. The people with 5 gallon jugs did their exercise routine for the day, toting those heavy jugs back and forth to the car. Remember, one gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds, so your full 5 gallon jug weighs about 40 pounds.

Not only is it a physical task to fill those empty jugs, but, even at .35 cents a gallon, why pay for water? You already have a water bill. You have to pay that water bill. However, you don’t have to BUY purified drinking water from a store when you have a sink and a Sagan Life® 5 Gallon Jug Countertop Water Filter System already at home.

How to Get Purified Drinking Water at Home

This handy Sagan Life® purification system will fit any 3-5 gallon jug with a 2” wide mouth opening. It’ll save you hundreds of dollars each year and you’ll never have to drag those water jugs to the water refill store again. And you can cancel your expensive water delivery service, too. Whatever you’ve been doing in the past – STOP IT! Start saving time and money! As far as taste goes, you’ll love the crisp, refreshing taste of Sagan Life® purified water.

So, Why Does My Water Taste so Bad?

Where does water get its taste anyhow? The most important dimension of how a water source tastes has to do with the minerals which are dissolved in the water. Much of Southern California’s water comes from the Colorado River and many people find the taste objectionable. I don’t know where your water comes from, but a lot of people don’t drink as much water as they should simply because they don’t like the taste. The powerful Journey™ Water Filter, used in the 5 Gallon Jug System, (and many of the Sagan Life® water purification products) produces clean, delicious water from your tap, filtering out the elements which make the water unpalatable. The purified water makes all food and beverages more enjoyable, so use it for your cooking and drinking needs.

Provides Purified Drinking Water for Pets, Too

While you’re at it, don’t forget to fill your pets water bowls. With miles and miles of lead pipes still lurking in our infrastructure, why subject your little furry friends to those hazards? Give them a quick refill from the countertop water jug. They love a fresh drink of water.

Save Money on Purified Drinking Water at the Office

Today with inflation raging out of control, many businesses will find this system a simple and inexpensive way to supply their employees with clean, safe drinking water, while saving money. The water cooler gossip days may be over, but the staff will gather ‘round the countertop jug water filter and have a more refreshing water source of clean pure water for their coffee, tea or just a delicious drink of water.

Simple to Set Up, Easy to Use

The Jug System utilizes the powerful Journey™ Water Filter. It’s so easy to set up! Simply attach the tubing to both the filter and the Power Pump, drop the filter into the jug, and set the pump on top of the jug. That’s it! You’re ready to go. The Journey™ Filter is very effective, efficient and powerful removing 99.9999% Bacteria; 99.99% Parasites & Protozoan; 99.99% Viruses; 99.5% Lead and reduces arsenic, mercury, zinc and other harmful toxins. Each water filter will purify up to 250 gallons of safe, refreshing drinking water right from your own faucet. Fill that 5 gallon jug up 50 times without going to the water store or paying a hefty fee for a water delivery service. Then pop on a jug water filter replacement and go again! (I won’t even mention the price of gasoline these days, to factor into the real cost of buying water)

How the 5 Gallon Jug Countertop Water Filter Works

The water is automatically pulled through the filter and up the tubing by the rechargeable battery operated power pump (water dispensing spigot) that securely sits on top of the jug. The power pump is USB rechargeable, so you don’t need to buy batteries–just plug it in every once in a while and you’re good to go. It’ll show red when charging; blue when it’s done charging. It’s easier to charge than your phone, and the power pump itself is so easy to use. Merely press the button on top of the pump and the water flows rapidly into your cup. Cup filled… Press the button again to stop the water flow. It’s that easy. It’s really a great automated system and you’ll love its speed and convenience. An extra benefit of the jug and filtration system is that it is portable. Should emergencies arise, take it with you.

So, gone are the days when you call for the “Culligan Man”, or set up regular water delivery service. Gone are the days of trekking to the water store or the local water dispensary outside the supermarket. The Sagan Life® in-home water filtration system provides convenience, economy and most importantly, pure, safe drinking water for you and your family (or employees) right from your own faucet. How smart and easy is that? Visit Sagan to order your countertop water filter system ASAP. I bet you, too, will fall in love with your jug!