by S. Easton

March 1, 2022

Now utilize a simple bathtub bladder and water filter to provide gallons of emergency drinking water and emergency water storage, without purchasing a 55 gallon drum or other emergency preparedness gadgets. Using your bathtub, you can now store and utilize 65 gallons of purified water with the AquaPod Emergency Water Filtration System by Sagan Life. Here’s a couple of scenarios which paint a perfect picture as to how useful this thing is…

Does Your City Serve Up Toxic Tap Water?

We’ve heard the word “infrastructure”, politically, for years. Every politician is going to “Fix the infrastructure”. That’s their promise. I don’t know how many years it’s been going on, because, in many neighborhoods we still have miles and miles of old lead water pipes. The infrastructure never seems to get fixed. Not only are the pipes dangerous, leaching treacherous metals into our tap water, but they’re old and feeble. We hear of major water pipe breaks often, at least here in San Diego, we do. How about your town? I suspect you face the same issues.

Once there’s a break, you can count on a temporary fix. That is usually preceded by a letter to the water customers stating their water will be turned off for a period of a couple of hours to more likely, a couple of days. So, what’s a family to do? No way can a family with a couple of kids, a dog and cat or two and parents go without water for an extended period of time.

Hurricane Preparedness Made Easy

That’s one scenario. Here’s another. You live in Hurricane country and there’s a big storm churning offshore. It’ll be headed your way in a couple of days. Not only is the storm a threat, but often, the storm surge afterwards is as dangerous as the storm itself. It can definitely contaminate your water source for many days. It’s time to prepare to become self-sufficient. The slogan “the first 72 are up to you’’ definitely applies. Be prepared to survive 72 hours without the aid of local police or fire agencies. You’re on your own. You’ve been through the drill before and know the first things to go are the electric and water services.

When the water is off that’s exactly when the kids need to use the restroom and find every mud puddle there is. So, be at the ready and have one or two Sagan Life® AquaPod Emergency Water Filtration Systems on hand. (One for each bathtub in your house). These should be included in your Emergency Preparedness Kit. Because….you just NEVER know!

Break Out Your AquaPod Bathtub Bladder

Here’s where your bathtub comes in. The AquaPod is a bathtub bladder made to fit into your tub. Simply lay the pod in your tub and fill – the typical bathtub holds approximately 65 gallons of water. The water remains safe and clean for up to 8 weeks. Water collected in the tub without the safety of the AquaPod coverage is subject to dust, dirt, soap scum and miscellaneous debris, certainly not safely drinkable. Now, using the hand pump and the Sagan Life® Journey™ Water Filter, you’re able to confidently drink up to 250 gallons of non-salt water. The Journey™ Filter is powerful water purification at it’s finest, removing 99.9999% bacteria, such as E.coli; 99.99% of protozoan, such as cryptosporidium and giardia; 99.99% of viruses – making it safe to drink from ANY non-salt water source. The Journey™ even effectively reduces lead and heavy metals from your tap water source – essentially making your AquaPod water safer to drink than your original tap water. (Sound interesting? Check out the Jug Water Filter System) Now you have up to 65 gallons of emergency drinking water at your disposal.

Purify up to 250 Gallons With Each Journey Filter

The AquaPod is only recommended for one use, but when your emergency has passed, your Journey™ Water Filter will continue serving you well. Perhaps you have a 55 gallon water storage drum, you can use the hand pump and Journey™ Filter to access that source of water, as well.

The AquaPod is easy to store. It’s compact, convenient and made in the USA of 4 mil LLDPE (low linear density polyethylene) plastic. Included in the AquaPod Emergency Water Filtration Kit is the Journey™ Water Filter (used in the Sagan Life XStream Straw Water Purifier, The Jug Water Filter and AquaDrum Water Filter Kit), a BPA Free Food Grade plastic liner and hand pump. To use, simply place the AquaPod liner in your tub and fill with water. With the filter and hand pump, you have the means to store and dispense large amounts of purified emergency drinking water from your home’s bathtub during any emergency.

It’s a handy, inexpensive way to beef up your emergency preparedness kit and affords you the peace of mind that when an unforeseen emergency does arrive, you’re prepared to supply your family with clean, pure drinking water as the need arises.

Sagan Life® has the best water purification systems on the market today. Count on Sagan Life® to bring you products of the highest quality which meet the highest standards in water safety. Whether you’re in your home in the city or outback, hiking a memorable trail, you can count on Sagan Life®. Remember….making the unthinkable, drinkable – it’s what we do!