With the 5 Gallon Jug Water Filter System, easily fill your 3 or 5 gallon jug from the convenience of your kitchen faucet and drink great tasting purified water without leaving home.

The 5 Gallon Jug Water Filter System fits 3 or 5 gallon jugs or any jug with a 1.75 – 2″ mouth opening.

Tired of paying for bottled water delivery or making inconvenient trips to self-serve water refill stations? This handy countertop water filter provides the best tasting, high quality purified water for your family – without the hassle. Save hundreds of dollars a year and never have to drag those water jugs to the water refill station again. Each filter purifies up to 250 gallons. So fill that jug 50 times with each filter! The powerful Journey™ Filter purifies ANY non saltwater source, so it’s ideal to provide emergency drinking water, too.

TIP: 3 and 5 Gallon Jugs can be found at Walmart, choose the AmericanMaid brand jug, for about $10-$13

TIP: The blue donut cap that comes with the kit will NOT screw onto the jug, but sits on top only to stabilize the pump.

EPA Est.#94138-ID-1