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We are feeling good about every healthy thing we do here at Sagan Life™

Sagan Life LLC commits to providing safe, pure healthy drinking water to everyone for camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, in case of emergency and especially for everyday use.

We’re committed to telling the real story – you may be drinking water pollution – every day

The fact is – we are drinking water pollution right from our tap. Tap water in most cities is not healthy for human consumption. In fact, many pollutants are found these days in tap water tested at the treatment plant – before – it makes the journey to our homes through miles of old corroded pipes. Testing has confirmed more than 100 different pharmaceuticals in surface water.

Via design, sewage treatment plants remove disease-causing microbes and pathogens from water – not pharmaceuticals. Standard drinking water treatment plants do not remove many of the pharmaceuticals which have now ended up in our water. Additionally, water treatment in most cities in the US includes additives, such as fluoride, which have serious negative health effects on the human body. And unfortunately, many brands of bottled water are simply bottled tap water. Not good – that’s another story.

It’s a vicious lose/lose scenario for consumers and we are happy to be part of the solution at Sagan Life™.

Proudly dedicated to the environment

Sagan Life® constantly strives to cut down on the use of plastic water bottles. The amount of water bottles consumers use and toss into Mother Earth’s landfill each year is astounding. Not only do Sagan Life® Water Purifiers make sense for the environment; they certainly make sense for your wallet.

Water purification results

We mean business when it comes to water purification. Our water filters are absolute and we stand by our results. All Sagan Life® water filters are independently tested and proven by qualified water laboratories. The lab results are on this website for your review. Make sure the water filters and filtered water bottles you’re using can stand by the water purification methods they claim.

“End of Life” testing is a huge part of proving the water filter you are using does what it says it does. It may do what it says it does, but does it do it for as many gallons as it claims? Be sure your water filter systems have conclusive and shared “end of life” testing results!

Our Journey

Sagan Life® LLC exists as a result of our desire to provide the best water filtration system on the market today. We’ve done well! Our CEO is a total perfectionist and believes in honest representation of our products to the consumer.

The Director of Sales is a water industry guru with over 20 years experience, extremely knowledgeable about water, water filtration, methods of filtering water and emergency water purification systems. The development team spent the last 5 years researching, testing and finally concluding their hard work with a line of awesome water filtration products. Feel confident using Sagan Life® Water Purification Bottles for everyday use, hiking, and backpacking. Use our amazing AquaBrick™ Water Purification System for safe camping, all outdoor adventures, survival gear, and everyday use. Providing safe drinking water for your family every day, in every way is our journey.

At Sagan Life® – Making the Unthinkable Drinkable – is now our reality.


Absolutely everything we do comes from what we believe.

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve and enhance life.
  • Personal wellness is essential to a full and happy life. The way we preserve life and promote health and wellness is by creating state-of-the-art water purification products for everyday use and for times of emergency. These products are reliable, easy to use and promote personal wellness and self-reliance.
  • Individuals and families around the globe deserve pure safe drinking water.
  • Clean water is our most valuable resource and can provide health, vitality, and wellness to all those who can obtain it.
  • Be 100% open and honest about the actual performance of our water filtration products.
  • There is value in obtaining independent laboratory testing, to certify our claims and proudly make the tests on our water filtration products available for all to review. These water filter test results are on our website and at Aqua
  • We passionately serve our customers. Please call or email us with any questions or concerns about any of our water filtration products, our independent test results or anything concerning the quality of our water filters and the water they produce.

Thanks for your support,

The Sagan Life Team