We are feeling good about every healthy thing we do here at Sagan Life™

Sagan Life LLC commits to providing safe, pure healthy drinking water to everyone for camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, in case of emergency and especially for everyday use.

We’re committed to telling the real story – you may be drinking water pollution – every day

The fact is – we are drinking water pollution right from our tap. Tap water in most cities is not healthy for human consumption. In fact, many pollutants are found these days in tap water tested at the treatment plant – before – it makes the journey to our homes through miles of old corroded pipes. Testing has confirmed more than 100 different pharmaceuticals in surface water.

Via design, sewage treatment plants remove disease-causing microbes and pathogens from water – not pharmaceuticals. Standard drinking water treatment plants do not remove many of the pharmaceuticals which have now ended up in our water. Additionally, water treatment in most cities in the US includes additives, such as fluoride, which have serious negative health effects on the human body. And unfortunately, many brands of bottled water are simply bottled tap water. Not good – that’s another story.

It’s a vicious lose/lose scenario for consumers and we are happy to be part of the solution at Sagan Life™.