by A. Easton

July 28, 2020

Escape to the ‘backcountry’. Leave Covid-19 behind. Go for a couple of hours, a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. Find the peace and quiet your seek. Inhale the soft, warm pine-scented air as it ripples through the tree branches. It’s a scent like no other; if you’ve experienced it, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, it’s high time to get out and fill your lungs with the gentle breezes of mountain air. National Geographic has dubbed 2020 as the “Year of the Camper”. Good choice, we say. What better way to get out of the house, get some much needed exercise and that social distance thing is not only for them but because you’re seeking solitude.

Gear Up with the Best Water Purification for Backpacking

At Sagan Life® we offer water purification systems to make your backpacking trip safe and easy. The X-Stream straw water filter is an ultralight backpacking water filter you will love! Take it hiking, backpacking, trekking and camping for cool, pure tasting water from any non salt water source. The X-Stream straw only weighs 5 ounces, so it’s easily slipped into cargo shorts or a jacket pocket.

These dynamo filter straws for drinking water come with a 2 foot extension, making your full length drinking straw 4 feet long. Woah! No need to do a “belly-flop” or crouch over a swift running creek to get the best water filtration system for backpacking, camping, hunting or fishing. Nothing tastes as refreshing as an icy cold sip of mountain water. Even better when you know how effective the filter is…

Do filter straws for drinking water work?

Have you ever wondered if your straw water filter will work as you’re getting ready to take a much needed swig of water from the lake you’re kayaking? Ha, yes we all have… but rest assured the X-Stream Straw Water Purifier is by far the most effective portable water filter for hiking, camping, backpacking and all your outdoor adventures. We have done our homework. All Sagan Life® purification filters have passed their tests with flying colors. Highly qualified water laboratories have determined Sagan Life® filters meet or exceed the United States EPA water quality standards for removal of 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% virus, 99.99% giardia and cryptosporidium for up to 250 gallons.

Nano Fiber Technology = the Best Portable Water Filtration

The powerful water filtration properties of the X-Stream Straw are due to the use of the Sagan Life® Journey Filter. The Journey Filter has been tested and proven to remove bacteria, virus and parasites using Nano Fiber Technology. Woohoo – this is excellent! Most water filters make the filter media with holes small enough that bacteria and virus can’t pass through, like trying to put a tennis ball in a hole the size of a golf ball, it won’t pass through. That works for a lot of stuff, however, it won’t catch everything.

Our Nano Fiber Technology is impregnated with silver which acts as a magnet, attracting ALL negatively charged bacteria and virus to the filter media, regardless of the size. This makes the filter more effective and doesn’t require priming or pumping. Additionally, Sagan Life® filters are not as fragile as other filters. Ours can drop or freeze and it won’t ruin the filter.

The Very Best filter straws for drinking water

Undoubtedly, the XStream is the most effective and convenient of the filter straws for drinking water. It’s the best water purification system for backpacking, hiking, camping, travel and emergency survival.

Ultralight and completely portable, this drinking water filter is something you can pack up and take anywhere. Easily drink from the straw’s mouthpiece without laying on your belly. The water flow is fast and refreshing. Comfortably use the straw from the bank of a stream, lake or even toss it over the side of the boat. No more getting yourself dirty or wet, laying down on a river bed.

Use your straw water filter to wash food, hands, share water!

Besides having the best water filter for purification and having the confidence that you’re drinking pure, safe water, SaganLife’s XStream drinking straw has a very handy and practical bonus – spray and pump ability. When you’re out backpacking, dusty and tired, how great is it to turn your ultralight drinking straw into a spray pump to be able to wash your hands and face? It pumps and sprays water to wash food and lets you share purified water with your crew. Fill a water bottle or two – wash your hands before you eat those berries and, yes! Wash those berries!

What Other Products Use the Journey Filter?

The Journey Water Filter is the water purification filter used in the Journey Water Bottle and AquaDrum 55 Gallon Drum Filter. Awesome to have a personal water filter bottle you can take anywhere, fill with any non-salt water source and drink safe, potable water on the go. The Journey will easily purify water in your 55 gallon water barrel too, with the AquaDrum Kit.

The Sagan Life® X-Stream Straw is the best portable water filter for hiking and backpacking. Make sure each member of your group has their own. They’re an inexpensive necessity when out on the trail and make an awesome gift for an active outdoor-minded friend or family member.

See ya’ on the trail.