by April Muir

May 7, 2019

If you’re one of the many conscientious California residents, trying to eat healthy, work out and take care of yourself and your family members – we have another arrow pointed in our direction. Apparently California tap water has been linked to a higher risk of cancers. Our California public water systems are pretty messed up. We’ve know this for a while. Now researchers from the environmental advocacy group Environmental Working Group estimated that the contaminants found in public water systems in California could contribute to about 15,500 cancer cases there over the course of a lifetime. These contaminants include chemicals such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium and radioactive elements such as uranium and radium. The study was published Tuesday, April 23, 2019 in the journal Environmental Health.

California Tap Water Causes Cancer

California Tap Water – A lifetime of CA Tap Water may cause cancer

The study done on this topic -“California Tap Water Linked to Cancer Risk” is an interesting read and leaves one to really question how to maintain good health these days if even our tap water is deadly. The act of offering our kids a drink of water from our tap, drinking from water fountains and even drinking water offered at the table in local restaurants is risky business.

The main cancer causing element of concern was driven by arsenic contamination. “Arsenic is going to be an issue with groundwater in certain areas” said scientist Tasha Stoiber. Arsenic contamination in drinking water can result both from arsenic that naturally occurs because of geology as well as from industrial and agricultural exposure. Even very low levels of arsenic are considered to be highly carcinogenic.

Scientists agree that more research is needed. This research was an important starting point. While the findings themselves may be specific to California, this approach to risk assessment could be used by any other community to evaluate its own data and water quality. Home consumers could take simple steps now like adding a certified filter to help reduce their exposure to these contaminants. Filters should be targeted to the contaminants and can either be applied right where consumers use their water, like a faucet filter or water pitcher, or a large whole house system that treats water as it enters the house.

Finding Water Purifiers that Work

A portable water purification system with the capability to remove chemicals such as arsenic and chromium is available from Sagan Life®, a company located in San Diego, California, focusing on water purification systems that really work. Unfortunately, personal water filter manufacturers have been known to embellish the effectiveness of their water filters, as the EPA does not have the manpower to keep an eye on this industry. Hence, you are taking a risk when purchasing any type of water purifiers for home use and personal use. Make sure they can provide test results for their products, performed by a non related third party lab. Sagan Life® uses a method called “End of Life” testing. The water test results are found on their website and have been performed by qualified third party laboratories.

Affordable Water Purification Solutions

Water Purification Filters

The Sagan Life Journey Filter and DuraFlo Filter do all the heavy lifting in Sagan Life Water Purifiers

Sagan Life® has two water filters which work in all of their products. Keep in mind these are immediate and affordable solutions. Sagan Life® water filters offer superb effectiveness as well as portability in case of emergencies, camping water and an easy to use home water filter system. The DuraFlo™ Filter is an extremely powerful water purifier which is housed inside the AquaBrick® Water Purification System. One DuraFlo™ filter will purify up to 700 gallons of bacteria and cryptosporidium from water; 550 gallons of virus and toxic chemicals and even 500 gallons of swimming pool water.

The AquaBrick® System is a portable water purification system, great to take camping, for emergency prep and also handy to use every day. We have one on our kitchen counter and never drink or cook with tap water. We fill up our AquaBrick® and get all of our drinking water directly from it. We have one upstairs on our bathroom counter as well, to keep our nighttime drinking water supply pure.

The Journey™ Water Filter is a smaller water filter and is used in the Sagan Life® Journey™ Water Purification Bottles, the XStream™ Straw Water Purifier, the AquaDrum™ 55 gallon drum water purifier, and the Inline™ Water Purifier for Hydration Packs. The Journey™ Filter will purify up to 250 gallons of the most contaminated water and make it safe, great tasting drinking water.

Safe Drinking Water at Home and On-the-Go

These products can turn your questionable tap water into a water source you can be certain is clean and pure for your family.

The AquaBrick® Water Purification System:

This system is the perfect water purifier for home use. Set this on your counter, keep it in the fridge, take it camping and rely on it in case of emergency. It’s portability is a huge factor, but the best news is that this water filter system will purify even the most turbid water. Streams, lakes, rivers and even flood water are no match for the AquaBrick® System. It will filter ANY non salt water source. Even in areas where virus is an issue – no problem for this water purifier.

The Journey™ Water Purification Bottle:

Sagan Life® offers it Journey™ Water Purifier Bottles in Sky Blue and Orchid. Take them anywhere and fill from drinking fountains, airport water fill stations, gym water fill stations, even a bathroom tap at a gas station on a road trip. They are also great for hiking as you can fill they from rivers, streams and lakes.

The XStream™ Straw Water Purifier:

Equipped with a adapted version of the Journey™ Filter, the XStream™ Straw Water Purifier is a water filter straw and hand pump – an amazing piece of outdoor gear. Ideal for hiking, backpacking and all outdoor adventures, as you can drink straight from lakes, rivers and streams. No need to pack water if water sources are en-route. The straw is 2 feet long and comes with a two foot extension so you can drink comfortably from any where. No need to get on your belly for a cool, fresh drink of water on a hike. The XStream™ also comes with a hand pump so you can share clean water and wash dishes, hands and food with clean water. Handy feature to have in a straw filter.

The Inline™ Water Purifier:

The Journey™ Filter is adapted to fit onto your hydration pack – providing pure, clean drinking water for hiking, backpacking and cycling – anywhere you are taking a backpack you can access clean drinking water. Sagan Life® Inline Water Purifier System easily adds to your existing bladder hydration pack for outdoor recreation and sports. It can also be used as a gravity fed purification system and purifies up to 3 cups per minute.

The AquaDrum™ 55 Gallon Drum Water Purifier:

The AquaDrum™ Water Purifier fits your 55 gallon water drum, providing pure clean drinking water from that water barrel – even if that water’s been in there a while. Using the Journey™ Filter the AquaDrum® System is great to have on hand if you have water storage barrels you may have to use someday. Works with 30 gallon and 15 gallon size water barrels too.

Using these top quality water purification systems will protect your family from the toxins found in our everyday tap water. They are tested and proven to be super effective, easy to use and ideal for all your drinking water needs.