by A. Easton

August 7, 2020

Finding the right source of safe and clean drinking water has always been a challenge, especially when you’re camping or hiking. Your adventures into Mother Natures’ world can lead you to water… but it isn’t always safe to drink. So here are some great reasons you need the best portable water filter for hiking and all of you outdoor adventures.

Considering our bodies are almost 70% water and interestingly enough, 70% of the earths’ surface is also water, we need to constantly replenish ourselves with water to stay well hydrated. The rain refreshes the earth, as water does our bodies. Dehydration can happen quickly when we are exerting ourselves and don’t drink enough water.


However, you don’t have to be hiking, camping or traveling. Dehydration can happen in your own backyard. Failing to drink enough water, daily, can lead to many physical problems, so keeping a source of clean, pure drinking water handy is critical.

We don’t realize our bodies need water until we are thirsty and at that point, the body is actually already dehydrated. No, not seriously, but thirst is our reminder to get some water and fill up the tank. Given your daily routine, you usually take in enough liquids to keep your hydration fairly normal. The foods you eat and drink, add to your daily water intake. That cup (or two) of coffee or tea you have in the morning counts. Most all foods contain some source of liquid hydration, but you really can’t replace good, refreshing drinking water to do the right job.


Contaminated drinking water is a world-wide problem. It’s not just third-world countries which encounter this issue, it’s right here in the United States. Flint, Michigan is an unfortunate example of how seriously contaminated city tap water can be. There are many schools in San Diego County, California dealing with lead pipes leading directly to our children’s’ drinking fountains. To compound the problem, we are going through a pandemic like none of us have ever seen before. The Covid 19 virus is so contagious that it can linger on surfaces for hours, days or they say, in some cases, even longer. We really need to be careful as to where and how we source the water we drink. Don’t take a chance on the health and well-being of you and your family.


As mentioned, 70% of the earths’ surface is covered in water. However, much of that water is Ocean, which of course, is salt water. Obviously, not drinkable. However, when you are out and about, unless you are camping along the Ocean Shores, you’re likely to find many water sources. We have thousands of rivers, streams and creeks in our country and of course in our National and State Parks. You’ll usually find drinking fountains in our City and County parks. But, as mentioned, with the virus lurking about, (who knows where?) you need the best portable water filter system money can buy. You certainly don’t want to drink from a possibly Covid 19 contaminated water fountain or assume, just because the creek is clear and running freely, that it’s safe to drink. Kids invariably put their mouth directly on the fountain spigot, so always be prepared with the Sagan Life® XStream™ Straw, the world’s best portable water purification straw, to quench their thirst safely.


Here’s why:

Our light weight XStream™ straw water filter instantly removes 99.9999% of bacteria like E.coli (the ambassador of Montezuma’s Revenge), 99.99% of protozoa, such as cryptosporidium and giardia, and 99.99% of virus – making it safe to drink from ANY non-salt water source – even in third world countries. You’ve heard the warning “Don’t drink the water” when traveling. If you have your XStream™ Water filter straw tucked away, you can drink non-salt water ANYWHERE.

The straw water filter also includes the XStream™ Spray Pump to easily spray and wash food, hands and share clean water. How handy is that when the kids are a sticky mess and you’re in the middle of Lake Whatchamacallit? Slip the gravity fed water filter over the side of the boat, or just lower it into the lake, and you’ve got the handy spray of purified water to clean up the kids. The spray pump also makes it super easy to fill Sagan Life® Journey™ Water Purifier bottles or mix pitchers of lemonade, cook lunch and do dishes. Just an added extra bonus of the best little filter straw ever.


This portable water filter system is eXSTREAMly easy to assemble. See what we did there? LOL It’s also small enough to tuck in your jacket pocket, as it only weighs 5 ounces. The entire set-up is super lightweight for any outdoor activity, be it camping, hiking, biking or lazing in the hammock. No need to do the ‘drop and flop’ to drink as the straw comes as a 2-foot length with a 2-foot extension – total 48” straw. No moving parts to break or batteries required. Yet, it happens to be the only water filter straw that can effectively remove 99.99% virus, bacteria and protozoa. Sagan Life® provides the test results on the website to prove it.