by April Muir

February 16, 2017

It means a lot to us that your family always has access to Safe Water. When it comes to the importance of drinking safe water – well, if you think about it – what could be more important? The human body is comprised of mostly water. At least 60% of our bodies are water – and that number goes up to the high 70’s in children and babies. So, safe water is a pretty important element for us humans.

Our Number One Goal at Sagan – Safe Water

I’m April Muir, my husband Rick and I are co-owners of Sagan Industries. We have spent the past four plus years and several hundreds of thousands of dollars (egad!) to accomplish one simple thing… safe drinking water for you and your family. I want you to count on that – and depend on us when it comes to drinking safe water, in any situation.

Safe Water in Every Part of Your Life

When I talk about having access to safe potable water, I do mean when you are camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, traveling the world, in case of emergency, survival and all that good stuff. We have got you totally covered on all outdoor adventures and for your survival kits. The definition of potable water, by the way, is just safe drinking water, suitable for cooking, etc.


However, the most important aspect of having a safe water source is for your everyday life. I started to realize how many sources of water we come into contact with every day. From drinking fountains, to restaurant water, to the water they brew your coffee wit