by April Muir

March 1, 2017

Hey everyone – Decided to film the ease and versatility of the XStream™ Straw Water Filter while on a recent outdoor adventure with my best buddy. So here’s a quick one minute video on how to assemble the XStream™ Filter Straw.

Last weekend my husband and I went to Julian for lunch – kudos to the Julian Cafe & Bakery. You’ve got to try their Apple Burger – they are famous for it. Loaded with grilled onions and blue cheese, it was the most spectacular hamburger I have had in ages. The food is well worth the wait if there is one. Just put your name in and go browse shops.

Lake Cuyamaca for Future Family Fishing

Anyway – I digress. Rolling out of the restaurant – we then headed to Lake Cuyamaca to check out the fishing locations. Beautiful place with a perfect pier to take our grandkids fishing. A fisher-woman actually caught a beautiful trout while we were there.

The XStream™ Filter Straw is super easy to assemble, as you’ll see and gives you a four-foot straw. Just drop over the side of the boat and drink. I even drank off the pier, but had to get on my belly for that – which is what we’re trying to avoid – right?