by S. Easton

Nov. 16, 2021

Ever heard of Kelly Kettle? The renowned camping kettle is an awesome little device which has earned the company one of the most respected names in camping gear. Founded in 1895 by great-grandfather Kelly, Kelly Kettle has always been a family owned business – the quality of their products is respected around the world. The Kelly Family won’t put their name on a product unless it is top quality and superior to its competition. We’re proud to announce new, and of course, awesome tents, tarps, backpacks and sleeping bags from Kelly Kettle – products you can use with confidence!

Time to Replace the Old Camping Gear? Go Awesome with Kelly Kettle

Planning your next years’ vacation usually starts about the time you’ve just gotten home from this years’ trip. What new gear do you need? What would you do differently? Will you go to the same place? You know… all those questions you’ll mull over for the next several months. Anticipation is half the fun of a well planned camping trip. This year, Kelly Kettle has new products to replace those worn, tattered tents, grungy sleeping bags and leaky tarps you’ve been putting up with. The quickest way to ruin a camping trip is a wet sleeping bag or soggy tent. Nothing more miserable. Hanging them out during the day never really dries them out and you’re in for another bone-chilling, sleepless night.

Speaking of Sleeping Bags

First, let’s talk about your sleeping bags. How long have you had your current bag? High time for a change. Kelly Kettle offers a couple of new options with great new features. Our red Mummy Sleeping Bag is 7’3”x2’8”x1’10” and will keep a 6’3” person cozy even in 37F temps. The outer fabric is 70D/190T cire polyester with a polyester silk touch lining. (75D/150T ) Single layer hollow fiber 300G/SM is the filling. These cocoon style sleeping bags are washable and even have hanging loops for drying. They’re anti-snag and have drawstring hoods to pull tightly against your face for added warmth. The Zip Baffle is an insulated baffle behind the zipper to keep drafts out and help reduce heat loss – there’s even an inner pocket for your wallet or phone. The Mummy Bag is lightweight and easy to carry, weighing just a little over 3 lbs. Got company? Choose a left or right side zipper and the two bags are joinable. Get one of each and zip ‘em together; after all, two’s company.

Kelly Kettle’s other new sleeping bag is again a mummy/cocoon style bag, but this one comes in blue. The Sanfords specifications are detailed on our website, but will span all 4 seasons and keep you cozy in extreme weather conditions down to 7F. Another lightweight sleeping bag, weighing in at a little over 3.5 lbs. The Buckle-release waterproof compression bag protects the sleeping bag against light rain, allowing it to be carried or attached to the outside of your backpack. No setting up camp with a wet, soggy sleeping bag.

The Difference Between Water Resistant and Waterproof

What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof? When you’re out in the back country and encounter a stormy, rainy night, you want a warm, dry tent. Water resistant material repels water to a certain extent, but eventually, the water seeps through the surface and you end up getting soaked, chilled and the dampness just penetrates every bone in your body. Waterproof, on the other hand, is just that. Your tent stays warm, dry and cozy and so do you.

So, Bring on the Best Waterproof Tents from Kelly Kettle

Let’s take a look at the awesome new waterproof camping tents Kelly Kettle is featuring. There’s a size just perfect for your adventurous style. Having four new waterproof tents to choose from, we know you’ll find the ideal tent for your outings. They all feature quality construction and durability, are waterproof and will give you years of comfortable, camping adventures.

The “Clann” – Six Man Dome Tent

Get the whole”Clann” together with this spacious 6 person waterproof tent. It’s waterproof up to 9.8 ft. (3000mm). With that much water you may need an ark, not a tent. :) It is also fire retardant and has double skin and taped seams. Equipt with a clip hanging system (bug free sleeping) this 6 person tent is easily accessible with two entrances – one front canopy entrance and a side entrance, as well. No crouching allowed in this 6.89’ high tent. Two main sleeping areas are 5.91’ x 6.89’ each. Another large room ( 4.92’ x 6.89’) can be used as a place to lounge, read, play cards and games, or sleep additional campers. Experience super ventilation with two big zipped windows.

Ripstop Technology Explained

The outer layer of these new tents are Polyester “RipStop”. “Ripstop” is a weaving technique which creates a grid type effect in the fabric (look for the little squares in the material). Because threads are cross-woven, a tear will not spread as it is stopped when it meets the cross thread… hence “rip stop”. This prevents the issue of ripping or unraveling, if the rain fly is punctured. High and visible Guy Lines avoid embarrassing falls and of course, the tent comes with stakes and a carrying bag and weighs approximately 23 lbs. This is totally your home away from home.

Roomy 5 Man Tent for Camping – The “Family”

The “Family” 5 person tent is an awesome addition to the Kelly Kettle waterproof tents for camping. One large room at the end (L 6.89’ x W 11.32’) with a mesh partition will sleep 5 people. Additionally, a living area which measures L 4.86’ x W 11.32’ can be used for lounging or easily sleep 5 more people. Stand tall, as the 6.65’ tent height will allow you to stretch, not stoop. This tent also has both a front and side entrance along with those 2 big zipped windows for proper ventilation. There’s a removable ground floor cover for the living area. All of the important construction features mentioned in the Clann tent are incorporated into the Family tent, as well as the other smaller 2 and 3 person tents we carry. Stakes and carrying bag are included and total weight for the Family tent is only 28 lbs.

Next Up – the “Traveller” 3 Man Waterproof Tent

The “Traveller” is a top quality waterproof three person tent. Quick and easy to set-up, this dome tent has a large storage area which can easily sleep another person. This camping tent features a clip-hanging system. Erect the outer layer first, then hang the inner mesh sleeping area. (Bug free sleeping) Featuring the “RipStop” construction, it has a removable groundsheet in the front storage area. Sleep an extra person here, if you need the room. Stakes and a carrying bag are included. The Traveller carries light at only 10.5 lbs. A couple of different configurations are available with the “Traveller” dome tent, giving you the option of sleeping 4 or 5 campers.

Waterproof Camping Tent for Two – the “Adventurer” 2 Man Tent

The “Adventurer” two person tent is perfect for a hiking, trekking and backpacking adventures. It’s easy to set up and features both sides of the tent with storage areas and entrances. The living space is 7.55’ x 3.94’, with the outer storage area 19.69” x 39.37” Featuring inner pockets to safely store phones or lights, this tunnel tent is made of the same strong waterproof rip-stop fabric and is lightweight at only 5 lbs. (including stakes and carrying bag). Just the perfect size for a quick getaway, but offers the same protection of the larger tents.

The Best Camping Tarps Can Multi-task

Kelly Kettle has added a couple of 10’ x 12’ camping tarps to their inventory. For those of you who use a tarp as shelter, you’ll find these tough, durable, adaptable and dependable tarps fit the bill. Again, it’s made of 190T Polyester RipStop fabric and is completely waterproof, even in the heaviest storms. It’s lightweight, tipping the scales at under 3 lbs. Includes the Guy Lines, which neatly pack into corner pockets and come with a carrying bag. There are 11 attachment points, 8 around the outer edge and 3 across the Ridgeline, so you can set up to suit your campsite. A couple of added features which reflect top quality construction – tarps are flame retardant and have UV50 protection from sunlight. Taped seams add to its durability. A good quality waterproof tarp is something everyone should have tucked away in their auto or camper. With so many applications, include one in your 72 hour emergency kit as well as your camping gear.

Who’s Ready for a New Backpack?

Last, but certainly not least, have you looked at your backpacks lately? If you’ve been meaning to replace your tattered and scruffy pack, but just haven’t taken the time – well, now is the time. Kelly Kettle has two great new backpacks to choose from and you may want to get one of each… one for yourself and one for your camping partner.

The Rambler Backpack is a lightweight, versatile and a multi-purpose backpack. Use it as a day-bag, for hiking or trekking, on your bike or to get to work. It’s 100% waterproof with taped seams, if you’re up for the weather. Two side pockets even boast water repellent zippers. Rolled down top opening creates a convenient grab handle. The Rambler has adjustable sternum and shoulder straps and a mesh padded backing, so you’re completely comfortable. The bag itself only weighs about 1 ¼ lbs, so each family member could easily tote their own pack. Again, if you’re using the backpack system of travel, the adults carry The Explorer backpacks and fit each family member with a Rambler. You’ve got this!

The Explorer Backpack is a larger blue pack and is convertible, so to speak. You can detach the top lid and use it as a small day-bag with its own pockets. Great convenience. There are top, side and bottom openings which allow easy access to the main compartment. It has plenty of pockets, 2 hip belt pockets, 2 side bottle pockets, a large front pocket and even a spacious zipped pocket on the front pocket. Adjustable shoulder straps will configure to your height and load making it comfortable to tote. There are attachment points for trekking poles, if you need them. If not, you can tuck them away neatly into another hidden pocket. It is hydration compatible, should you want to add that feature. (Think Sagan Lifes Inline System for hydration backpacks) It’s one of the most versatile backpacks on the market today. Why put up with your old restricting pack, when you love hiking and need something to enhance the experience even more.

We Even Include Travel Tips :)

We saw something on TV the other night that made perfect sense! Speaking of quality backpacks, when traveling, ditch the standard rolling suitcase and use your backpack. The “Explorer” backpack offers all the features necessary to travel without the hassle of dragging a suitcase. It even offers the option of the day-bag for side trip exploration. Granted, you can’t bring your tux or evening gown, but for a fun, carefree ‘get to know the locals’ trip, consider using a backpack… and no longer wait in the long lines looking for lost luggage.

We hope you’ll never need to use these products in emergency situations, but, be reassured they will perform to the highest standard and add peace of mind to your 72 hour kit.

So there you have a rundown on the new top quality Kelly Kettle products; the best waterproof tents for camping, sleeping bags, tarps and backpacks. You’ll be pleased with the top drawer quality of each product and enjoy many years of camping fun and exploration.