by A. Easton

Sept. 22, 2021

Soooo, what the heck is potable water? I was wondering the same thing myself. Potable water sounds like something you would use for a toilet, but let me clear up the potable water definition. Potable water just means clean drinking water. Safe water you can drink. The dictionary defines potable water as “fit or suitable for drinking”.

Now, that we’re clear on the meaning of potable water, let’s move on to the most obvious questions.

1. When and why do I need it?
2. How do I get it?

When, Where and Why Do I Need Potable Water?

Camping and Outdoors

If you love the outdoors and are planning family camping trips, hiking and backpacking excursions, fishing trips; basically anything where you get outside and conspire with nature – you will need potable water. Drinking water is a given, but you’ll also need it for cooking, washing hands and food, cleaning up kiddos, personal hygiene, possibly even take a shower of some sort. (I’m a dreamer.) #glamping


Have you ever chugged a bottle of water in the security line at the airport? Then you totally have to go on the plane – which I hate. I am an average size person and barely fit into those teeny stalls… and I’m always weirdly afraid of being sucked down the toilet. LOL

Anyway, I digress. You should always be more conscious of staying hydrated while traveling; even more so than when you’re at home. That cabin is super drying. While hydration is key to staying healthy on a regular basis, when traveling staying hydrated really helps with jet lag; dry skin from the cabin and keeping up overall energy levels during your travels.

I used to buy a bottle of water after passing through security. The only truly decent bottled water was about $3 at Starbucks or the gift shop. Then I’d hang onto the bottle and refill when necessary. Hmmm. Was I re-filling with potable water? Well, since it came from a drinking fountain or water bottle filler (those water bottle refill stations they now have at the drinking fountain to fill up your water bottle under a special spout) one would assume so. But often times it didn’t taste great – and let’s face it – tap water across the world has it’s issues, even in the U.S. Each area has it’s own tap water problems, so I have quit drinking tap water. Period. I really want to avoid the high levels of fluoride, industrial waste, pharmaceuticals etc. All kinds of toxins I don’t want in my water.

As many of you know – some bottled water is just bottled tap water – and much of it still contains fluoride. What a rip off. It’s hard to know which bottled water companies are offering you something worthy of your three bucks – and which are just tap water; still contain fluoride, as well as other toxins. Not to mention, the millions of plastic bottles which are added to our wasteland each year because so many of us drink bottled water. What a mess.

Survival and Emergency Preparedness

So, with Mother Nature always cooking up something fun for us to deal with; together with the threat of terrorism, pandemics and political unrest lurking in our lives, we should all have a go-to water source in case of emergency.

As we’ve all heard a million times – “water is the most important aspect of your survival kit; bottled water will be the first thing to empty off of the shelves and it’s the number one thing we all need to stay alive – more so than food. Yes, a human being can live for several days without food, but we cannot survive without water”. Seriously – if we only do one thing as far as preparedness goes – have access to clean water.

How To Get Potable Water

So with that being said; let’s talk about some solutions. What are some of the safest, most effective ways to get potable water? Let me address the same three scenarios as above with great solutions.

Potable Water When Camping and Outdoors

If you pack potable water – whether it be for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting – whatever it is you’re doing, you know it’s heavy, it takes up a lot of valuable space and is basically just a pain in the neck. You really never know if you’re bringing enough and are always doing your best to conserve your water supply.

If you had a piece of outdoor gear you could take with you anywhere and get clean, safe potable water without having to pack in all that heavy water would that appeal to you? Yes, indeedee! Since water is abundant in many places you’ll be camping and hiking, such as rivers, streams, lakes, creeks, waterfalls – this can all become safe drinking water in a matter of a few minutes. So let’s talk options.

A water filtration system you can use to filter any and all of the above – with confidence. Does one exist? Many have been around for years, but I would have to remove the “with confidence” clause, as many have never been tested.

New Water Filter Sheriff in Town

There’s a new water sheriff in town called Aqua Veritas. Since the EPA has let the ball drop (no man power or money to enforce their guidelines), many personal water filtration systems have really amped up their false claims. ‘Cause, uh, nobody’s been watching. Until now. is a company which has started to police the water filter industry to make sure what they are claiming is actually what their filters do… If you have a water filter or straw filter claiming to do 100,000 gallons – great! My advice is to throw it out.

Unless they have test results provided by a water laboratory independent from them; well, their claims may not be true. In order to claim the filter works for 100,000 gallons – they would have had to test 100,000 gallons of water – chock full of millions of units of bacteria, E.coli, virus, giardia, cryptosporidium and other toxins.

So buyer beware. Drinking water with this toxic garbage in it can be detrimental to your health, your future health and even cause death.

Potable Water When Traveling

The same scenario holds true for travel. If you have a water filter bottle or some such device you travel with to ensure safe drinking water abroad, while cruising, and wondering the world – you want one which is super effective. Water in many countries is just not safe to drink. The general population in those countries may be immune to the bacteria, virus, etc., in it, but you don’t want to chance it on you or your kids.

Potable Water for Survival and Emergency Preparedness

So, being able to obtain safe, potable drinking water in case of emergency – you really want to have uber equipment. Your only source of water at this point may be nearby streams, rivers, swimming pools or even the flood water running down your street.

How comfortable would you be if that were the case?
Sagan Life® Means Safe Water – We’ve Got Test Results to Prove It

We’ve done our homework – so you can be totally at ease using any of the three cool Sagan Life® water filters below – drinking ANY non salt water source. I repeat – ANY NON SALT WATER SOURCE.

Best Water Filter – The AquaBrick® Water Filtration System

The blue AquaBrick® is absolutely amazing. The AquaBrick® Water Filtration System has an awesome – tested and proven – water filter inside called the DuraFlo™. The DuraFlo™ water filter test results are on our website for all to see.

Taking the AquaBrick® camping is pretty cool. Fill it from any nearby lake, river, etc. and fill water bottles, wash, cook, drink to your heart’s content.
portable water filter for campingThe AquaBrick® Water Filter removes:

99.9999% Bacteria

99.99% Virus – yes, virus!

99.99% Giardia / Cryptosporidium

Each DuraFlo™ filter is good for up to 550 – 700 gallons of water – depending on how turbid (gross and gunky) the water is. Simply replace the DuraFlo™ Filter and you’re good to go again. I recommend having a couple extra DuraFlo™ filters in store in case of emergency. Since you can drink even your swimming pool water – you’d be set.

The AquaBrick® Water Filtration System is ideal for camping, family picnics, outdoor adventures and survival gear. I use mine everyday. I keep it on my kitchen counter and only drink, cook, make smoothies and fill my dogs water bowls with this awesome source of potable water.

BTW – The AquaBrick® Containers are available for water and food storage. They’re awesome!

The XStream™ Straw Water Filter

Take this filter straw on any and all outdoor adventures, as well as keeping it in your survival kits and car kits.

The XStream™ Water Filter Straw has also been tested and proven – works for up to 250 gallons for removal of bacteria, virus and protozoan, is lightweight and ideal for backpacking, hiking, and emergency preparedness. I have one in my trunk. The XStream™ Straw has been all over the world – tested in Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Scotland, Wales, Alaska, Adirondack Mountains and many places in the U.S.

ultralight backpacking water filterNow if you’re familiar with those short straws, (we won’t mention any names) you know drinking from it can be a bit of a challenge. The XStream™ Straw Water Filter has two awesome features you will love. The straw is 24″ long and extends to 48″, so you can stand up; hang the straw over the side of the boat, easily drink water without getting on your belly. So, good news – no more awkward positions to be in while trying to drink water.

The XStream™ Straw also comes with a hand pump – so you can drop your straw into the water source; use the “Quick Connect” to attach the pump and fill water bottles; share water; wash hands, food, etc. and again – if need be take a shower! So now you have a potable water pump. Yup. Awesome little piece of gear.

For me, personally, if I could only pick one thing to take into the wild or have in my survival kit – it would be the XStream™ Straw Water Filter.

Best Water Filter Bottle? Take a Journey™

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