by S. Easton

May 20, 2021

Given the restrictions of the Coronavirus, many of us find ourselves with a deep desire to start traveling once again. In many states over the last year and a half, the only travel we have been able to do is pick up curbside service groceries or refill necessary prescriptions or the gas tank.

You and I both know these errands absolutely did not ‘scratch the itch’ to travel.

Time to Start Traveling Again – So Take a Journey

Portable water filter for travel Let’s start stretching our pandemic weary legs and expand our horizon. What is your vision for the dream vacation? For some, it’s hopping on a jet and flying to the Caribbean; maybe Europe or South America is on the itinerary. Others can’t wait to board a cruise ship and sail away to intriguing destinations in this big, wide wonderful world of ours. Yet, many people are just as excited about camping in their local mountain hideaway or filling the back-pack and trekking into the wilderness. Hitting the beach or an enticing pool is always an option, as well. There is no right or wrong destination or mode of getting there. The point is traveling, exploring and adventure. Getting away!!!

No matter where you’re headed or what you’ve decided to do, planning your trip is half the fun. You count the days and weeks until it’s actually getaway time. You plan carefully about the clothing you’ll need to pack; the reservations you’ll need to make. Are you going to need new camping gear or perhaps a new swimsuit? (Gasp:) The lists get longer and longer, but it’s such fun to check off the things you’ve accomplished as each day comes closer to your long awaited escape.

But again, no matter where you’re headed, you’re going to need the best filter water bottle for travel. Maybe you’re going to the summer cottage that has special family memories from your childhood. Maybe you are hopping on a luxurious cruise ship to sail the ocean blue. Pitching a tent 5 miles from home is just as much fun as traveling to the far corners of the earth, if that’s what makes you and the family happy. In fact, pitching a tent in the back yard isn’t a bad idea, either and it’s sure budget friendly.

How do You Purify Water When Traveling?

But in every instance, the need for clean, pure drinking water is the top priority. While you’ll probably have adequate access to water, making sure it’s safe to drink is another story. The best portable water purifier for travel is the Sagan Life® Journey™ Water Purifier Bottle. It converts any non-salt water source into pure, safe drinkable water. The Journey™ filter bottle is made for everyday use, travel, all outdoor adventures, survival and emergency preparedness, The filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria such as E.coli: 99.99% Virus and 99.99% parasites and protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium. It also effectively reduces lead, arsenic, mercury and other waterborne toxins. Each filter will safely purify up to 250 gallons of water.

Best portable water filter bottleSagan Life® water filter tests have been performed by independent water laboratories. Each filter purifies 250 gallons of water. The Journey bottle has a 24 ounce capacity and comes in Orchid and Sky Blue and is BPA free. It’s easy to use, no waiting, no squeezing or pumping, chemicals, ultraviolet bulbs or batteries needed. It’s the best water purification bottle you can own as your personal water bottle. 100% money back guarantee!

Just think about the capacity for purification for a minute. The 250 gallons of water one Journey filter purifies is the equivalent of 1,890 16 ounce plastic water bottles. That’s a pretty awesome statistic. We’ve all heard about the great ‘garbage dump’ in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Plastic never goes away and it has become a serious problem with our sea life and ecology, in general.

Basically, the advantages of the Journey™ Water Purification Bottle have three very important functions in our day to day living. Join the ecology movement and help prevent plastics from contaminating our ocean waters; take care of your own personal health and well-being and that of your families’ and be prepared for that unexpected emergency.

The Journey travel water bottle is not only good looking, but its unique design is created with a silicone center grip and base. It fits easily into your car cup holder and it holds 24 ounces. It is also handy to grab off your nightstand in the middle of the night. It’s BPA free and does the job of keeping your drinking water free of harmful elements.

The Journey™ is Great For Travel as Well as Day to Day Living

Take your Journey™ Bottle everywhere you go…to the gym, shopping, restaurants or the beach. It’s great to send to school with the kids. They can refill directly from any water fountain or public faucet. Our country has aging infrastructure and there are still old lead pipes carrying our water supply everywhere. We’ve had local incidents here in San Diego where lead piping was serving several public school water fountains. You just don’t know what is contaminating your water source, whether you’re traveling or at home.

What Water Filter Removes Viruses?

If we, here in the US, have suspect water, then you’ve really got to be careful as you travel. You know what they say…”Don’t drink the water”. Well – – – DON’T, unless you have the best filter water bottle for travel, the Journey. Foreign countries have major water contamination problems. So many countries need the very technology we hold in our hands, as we carry our Journey Bottles.

Ideal as a Survival Water Filter Bottle

As we move away, cautiously, from the pandemic and slowly prepare for a return to some sort of normal life, we, too, must still prepare for other emergencies. The Journey portable water filter will fulfill that need as well. You can confidently drink non-salt flood water from a violent hurricane if you find yourself with broken pipes.

When gathering emergency preparedness equipment for your 72 hour “bug-out” bag, make sure there is a Journey water bottle for each member of your family. (Hurricane season starts June 1st)

Let’s prepare for the worst, but hope for the best and enjoy that trip we’ve long anticipated. Home or away, make sure to take a Journey.