Long Term Water Storage Containers | Bulk Food Storage Container


The Key to Safe,
Healthy Food & Water
During Natural Disasters

by S. Easton

April 13, 2023

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyday we hear of another one of Mother Nature’s tantrums destroying property and injuring people. Floods, mudslides, tornadoes, windstorms and even a few minor earthquakes have occurred this spring. Preparing for the unknown natural disasters which may blindside you is imperative. Once you see those flood waters rising, it’s too late, so sketch out a plan and take action now.

Begin with Long Term Water Storage Containers

water storage container Sagan Life® offers the best long term water storage containers you can buy. Simply fill the emergency water container today and be assured that if it sits in the closet or under the bed for a year, when you need it, the water will be safe and ready to drink. The AquaBrick® Storage Container, itself, will hold 3 gallons of water or 20 pounds of dry food storage. If you find yourself using an unreliable source of water, such as flood water or your neighbor’s swimming pool, the purchase of the Sagan Life® AquaBrick® Water Filtration System guarantees safe, clean drinking water. Utilizing the powerful DuraFlo™ Water Filter, the system will filter up to 700 gallons of tainted water and is an easy addition to your water storage containers.

Best Bulk Food Storage Containers – Here’s Why

Not only are AquaBricks ideal emergency bulk water storage containers, these long term storage containers are perfect for bulk foods, too. Two integrated handles make them super easy to fill, carry and pour. The large mouth opening allows easy access to clean the containers, as well. If you’re just getting started with emergency preparedness, try the Sagan Life® AquaBrick Food and Water Storage Containers – two bricks package and a spigot. The spigot is really handy for picnics, parties and soccer practice, when using your AquaBrick® for fun, not disaster. The kids love to draw cold refreshing water or lemonade from the AquaBrick® using the spigot. It’s easy to use and fills their cups with a tasty beverage in a hurry.

Tips for Storing Your Emergency Water Storage Containers

best long term water storage containersAs a reminder, do not put your filled bulk water storage containers on a cement surface when storing. Cement leaches into the containers, so put a piece of plywood, carpet or 2×4 lumber studs under your containers, keeping them off the cement for safe storage. Water will go stale over time and not taste fresh, although it is still safe to drink. If you don’t want to rotate your water storage, a great addition to your storage pantry is the AquaBrick Water Purification System, which will filter and pump pure water from your storage supply. The AquaBrick® system uses the DuraFlo Filter which is incredibly effective when purifying flood water or emergency water scooped from a swimming pool or babbling creek. The high performance DuraFlo Filter will make your water from unreliable sources safe to drink and remove bacteria (e-coli), Virus and reduce lead and other heavy metals. Definitely an accessory you should consider when starting your long term water storage venture.

What Should I Store in Bulk Food Storage Containers?

Fill your 2nd storage container with Bulk Dry Foods. If you and your family were stranded, without access to a variety of foods and only had the water to drink and the bulk food from your food storage container, what food would you store? Our first thought was oatmeal, but interestingly enough, when I asked Siri what was the most nutritious grain, her answer was barley. Quinoa came in 2nd. Beans are a great option. It really becomes a family choice, if you have a big jar of honey in your pantry (always have honey on hand…it never goes bad) you can use it to sweeten whichever grain you choose. You can cook up a bowl of oatmeal and drizzle it with a spoonful of honey. Quinoa lasts a long time, too, and it seems more versatile, as you can make a Quinoa salad or again, cook, sweeten and serve for breakfast, so bulk food storage containers should be filled with something that will sustain your family until the disaster has been cleared and you can resume your regular routine.