by S. Easton

October 20, 2022

The AquaBrick® Container is one product which can multitask and do everything we expect and more. It’s definitely not your typical portable storage container, so please compare it to other brands such as WaterBrick®, API Kirk® and so on before you buy… You’ll be glad you did.

We all know and love the AquaBrick® because of its main function… purifying and storing water. It’s secondary, although not any less vital function is as the best food storage container for long or short term emergency preparedness. While those may be the two most obvious functions of the AquaBricks, we’ve found a few more extremely useful ‘hacks’ for these sturdy portable storage containers.

Begin with Water Purification

The AquaBrick® Container is an integral part of the Sagan Life® AquaBrick® Water Purification System which will purify up to 700 gallons of non-salt extremely contaminated water. The high performance DuraFlo™ filter removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, 99.99% of all parasites and protozoa, 99.99% virus and additionally removes toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from your water source. So, emergency water storage really is one of the most important functions of the Sagan Life® AquaBrick®.

The Best Food Storage Containers

Best long term food storage containers Used to store everything from dried beans to pet food, the AquaBrick is simply the best food storage container we’ve used. It will store 20 pounds of dry goods. Using oxygen cartridges, you can be confident the food will be edible and ready to use years from now. Some foods, if properly stored in your AquaBrick® container will last for 25-30 years. That’s multi-tasking, for sure.

AquaBrick® Spectacular Specifications

Food storage containersFrom the very unique design of the integrated handles, for easy portability and pouring, right down to the “lego” like dimples for easy stacking, the AquaBrick® is the #1 choice for water and food storage. But let’s take this a step or two further. What other uses are there for this handy, durable, lightweight unit? The AquaBrick, itself, only weighs 2.6 lbs., so it’s easy to carry, stack and store. It provides protection from light because of its 100% Opaque walls, so the sun won’t damage the contents, be it food, clothes, a passport or water. This allows many multitasking uses for the AquaBrick® container.

A Portable Survival Kit

In the most basic emergency situation, consider preparing a survival kit. Because of its durability, the Aqua- Brick® can be used as a portable survival safe. You can design one for your most basic survival needs, should that situation ever arise. Stuff it with a firestarter/lighter, knife, compass, first aid items, cash, ammo, windbreaker, tarp, poncho, and long term vacuum sealed food. Don’t forget a Sagan Life® XStream™ Straw filter, an extra DuraFlo™ water filter and a thermal emergency blanket. Remember, you’re not taking this on vacation, you just need critical minimal supplies. Where you choose to store this is a personal choice, given the type of disaster your area may face. Put it in your car? Keep it in the closet? Stash it at a secret destination? You know what’s right for you.

Need a Giant Ice Block?

How about using your AquaBrick® as a frozen ice block? Don’t fill completely full of water, as when frozen, water expands and will burst the sidewalls, but freeze a couple of properly filled AquaBricks, allowing room for water expansion. When needed, tuck them in your cooler. They’ll keep your perishable foods cold for a couple of days and then drop your DuraFlo™ filter into the AquaBrick® and you’ve got clean, pure drinking water. A double duty multitasker, for sure.

Balance Your Boat? Wait, what?

Balance your boat with the AquaBrick

Rowing on the Salmon River with AquaBricks full of heavy water!

You read that right and we’ve got pics of folks doing just this! Filling your AquaBrick® with sand, fine gravel, or here’s an idea, clean water, will make it a weight to become ballast for a catamaran or a tippy sail boat or canoe. We also know some grandparents who anchor the backyard swing set with sand-filled AquaBricks. The AquaBricks keep the swing set stable as the grandkids swing, seeing if they can fly high enough to toe-touch the overhanging tree leaves. It works!

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Snow

As winter approaches ice and snow storms replace the sunny, warmer months. Driving and getting stuck in the snow is only one of the frustrations Old Man Winter brings. Be prepared for the drifting snow which will spin your tires like a roulette wheel. Fill one or two AquaBrick® containers with sand or kitty litter. If you find yourself in the slippery rut of a snowbank, a healthy sprinkling of sand beneath your tire will have you back on the road in no time… yet another handy use for the Sagan Life® AquaBrick®.

Safe Storage for Documents

Another use we’ve found to be invaluable in either a bug out or bug in situation is to place all of your important documents and as much cash as you can afford inside an AquaBrick®. Prepare the documents/cash properly. Maybe some need to be laminated and loosely rolled, others may need to be placed in watertight plastic bags. Think passports, insurance papers, mortgage information, birth certificates, irreplaceable photos. These things can easily be inserted through the AquaBrick® mouth opening and kept water tight and safe whether you grab the Brick on your way out or stash it if you’re sheltering in place. As we reflect on the events of the past few weeks with Hurricane Ian causing unthinkable damage, we imagine that those people that had safeguarded their vital paperwork will have a less stressful time starting to repair and replace. Again, the AquaBrick® is lightweight and heavy duty, so it’ll stand up to this very important safety task.

Safely Store Medications

Medication can be stored with the above items, this being a very personal option. Each medication will have a different shelf-life. Don’t forget to rotate as required.

Camping Packing for Kids – Made Easy

As you look forward to a weekend camping trip, why should the parents have to do all the planning and packing? Get the kids involved providing their own needs. Before you get ready to hit the road, sit down as a family and have each family member make a list of what they will need for the trip. Socks, underwear, pajamas, toothbrush, comb etc. Small games, a deck of cards or some crayons and a rolled coloring book might be a good addition. Label an AquaBrick® with each individual’s name. When you’re ready to pack, hand the child their AquaBrick® and a copy of their “packing list”. Show them how to roll their clothes and let them pack their gear. It gives them a sense of responsibility and lets them become involved in the whole process of the “Great Getaway”. Have them bring bulky items like jeans and jackets to you for storage. It’s fun and if you have 2 or 3 young ‘uns, it sure saves you time, too. When you’re at the campground, each person also now has their personal travel case and becomes responsible for its content.

Build an AquaBrick® Fort

Stack AquaBricks to provide shelter. Yes, we know you’ll need more than one or two, but stacked together, like Legos, the well designed AquaBricks will create a barrier against wind. The suns’ warmth during the day will retain a little heat and maybe throwing a poncho or tarp over the top would create a ‘better than nothing’ temporary tent-like shelter. Go back to when you were a kid, making a “fort” in your backyard, but this is for real.

We’re sure you can think of more safe storage tasks for the Sagan Life® AquaBrick®. We’ve suggested a few you might find very useful and we’d love to hear your ideas. Please share them with us.