by April Muir

March 1 , 2021

Tired of paying for bottled water delivery? Or schlepping those empty 5 gallon jugs to the local water refill station? While we’re all concerned about drinking questionable tap water these days, the alternatives can be expensive and frankly, just a real pain. Which is why we are so excited about a new alternative. With the Sagan Life® Jug Water Filtration System you can easily fill a 3 or 5 gallon jug from the convenience of your kitchen faucet and drink great tasting purified water without leaving home and without paying for bottled water delivery. It’s a great countertop water filter which will leave your water tasting fabulous and provide healthier better quality water than the other options!


You’ll save time and hundreds of dollars a year with the innovative Jug Water Filter System. It works using water from any tap in your house. Just fill your water jug (any size will work) top it off with the PowerFlo System and you’ll have purified drinking water. Yep, not just better tasting water, but completely purified drinking water. No more water delivery service. No more inconvenient trips to the self-serve water refill stations. Personally, I just hate lugging those giant water jugs to the store – and especially carrying the full jugs back into the house. I used to cringe when I saw they were getting low, knowing a refill trip was imminent.


The PowerFlo works like it sounds… it is a very powerful water purifier. Utilizing the Journey™ Filter, the PoweFlo Water Jug Countertop Filter System, has been rigorously tested and proven (proven being the most important factor here) to remove 99.9999% of Bacteria, such as E.coli; 99.99% of Virus, 99.99% of Parasites and Protozoa; 99.5% of Lead, as well as Arsenic, Mercury, and many other harmful toxins you don’t want to be drinking.

So, while most countertop water filters and water pitchers only improve the taste of tap water, the PowerFlo Jug Water Filter actually filters and purifies any and all of the dangerous elements and ‘iffy’ stuff from ANY non salt water source.


We love using the Jug Water Filter at home, as it is very convenient for everyday use. Set it up in your kitchen in less than 5 minutes. It supplies pure water quickly for drinking, cooking, filling ice cube trays, you name it! We don’t trust tap water; never have, never will. This Countertop filtered water dispenser is such a convenient option, having 5 full gallons of water at the ready, without having to refill a small water pitcher multiple times a day.


Since this water purifier is portable and powerful enough to purify ANY non salt water source – such as lakes, rivers, streams, or even flood water for that matter, we put it into the categories of Best Water Purifier for Camping and Survival. This purification system is so handy to set up at your base camp for easy to access drinking and cooking water. It is ideal for emergencies where tap water may not be available or safe to drink, such as after a hurricane, earthquake or a boil water advisory. The filter can be stored for years, so if you’re not going to use the filter system for everyday drinking water, set it aside in your emergency kit.


The Journey™ Filter has been independently tested and certified to purify up to 250 gallons of water. So fill your 5 gallon jug up to 50 times from the convenience of your own tap, lake or whatever fresh water source – then replace the filter and go again! You’ll eliminate those bothersome trips to the water refill station, save a lot of money and have purified drinking water for your family.


This countertop water filter system is so easy to use and once set up you can fill your 5 gallon jug right from your faucet. You will need a 5 gallon jug or some other type of water jug to begin. That is the only part of the equation you’ll need to purchase in addition to the PowerFlo System. Then simply attach the tubing to the filter and drop it down into the water bottle. Rest the “donut cap” atop the jug – pulling the tubing up through the ‘donut’ hole. Now attach the tubing to the underside of the PowerFlo Pump and set the pump on top of the jug. Push the button to dispense great tasting purified drinking water. It’s that easy.

The PowerFlo Pump flows continuously and will pump approximately 40 ounces of water per minute. That’s about 5 cups of water. When the PowerFlo slows down a bit – you’ll know it’s time for a recharge using the USB cable it comes with.

Seems too easy, we know. But we’re certain you are going to love this system and be delighted with the great tasting, safe and purified water it provides.