Submitted by C. Clements

February 22, 2019

Our family spends a lot of time outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, hiking or camping, etc… WATER is one of the most important necessities for survival. I would never leave home without my Sagan Life Journey Water Purifier bottle or let one of my loved ones out the door either! I know if I run out of water and need to refill my Journey bottle from any fresh water source – meaning from a drinking fountain to a mucky stream – I have 100% confidence the filter inside is going to make the water safe when it enters my body! And I’m talking about the removal of bacteria, virus, giardia and cryptosporidium.

Certified Water Filter Testing – Does Everyone Do It?

I trust the certified testing to speak for itself, because unfortunately, too many other filters on the market make claims that cannot be verified by certified labs. Knowledge is power! So make sure you do your homework when it’s your health or a loved ones health that could be at risk. Is it really worth taking a chance? I love all the intense rigorous testing that Sagan Life puts their purifying filters through to prove their claims and give me and my family assurance and peace of mind. I know the Sagan Life Journey Water Purifier bottle works!

Faster Hydration with Hydradyne

While you’re outdoors do you find yourself getting a great workout? Hopefully yes! Another HUGE benefit recently released by Sagan Life is the new HYDRADYNE Technology within the properties of the Sagan Life purifying filters. It’s BEYOND exciting and the ONLY Hydradyne Technology filter on the market! This new innovative HYDRADYNE Technology will HYDRATE you up to 50% faster when using any of Sagan Life’s purifying filters! Do you know of any company with a tested filter that actually hydrates your body faster? Imagine how much better you will feel and the endurance you might receive just by taking advantage of Hydradyne Technology alone! This is one of the major reasons I use my Sagan Life Journey Water Purifier bottle EVERYDAY! You too, should make your body’s health a top priority.