by April Muir

October 21, 2022

When you walk into an emergency preparedness, sporting goods or swimming pool store and see the AquaBrick® Portable Water Purification System sitting on the shelf – you may be somewhat underwhelmed.

Although we have worked hard to choose the exact right blue, made sure it’s strong and durable, easy to handle and use, as well as (most importantly) had it independently tested over and over again to guarantee it is a super effective water filtration system – you really won’t get too excited about it. That is – until you see this.

How Effective is this Portable Water Purification System?

Take a look at what the AquaBrick® Water Filtration System removes from any non-salt water source – even turbid flood water which may be running down your street! The AquaBrick® removes virus, bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, and many other toxins and chemicals. It also removes chlorine, making your swimming pool water safe to drink – just in case. What an amazing little emergency preparedness gem. Having one of these on hand could save your family by enabling you to purify and serve up water from your swimming pool. Now how many gallons of drinking water are we talking? A lot! This is a great item to have in your survival kit. Additionally, The AquaBrick® Containers(sold separately) can store water now – or are ready to start filtering when the need may arise.

What the Sagan Life® AquaBrick® System Removes


Sagan Life DuraFlo™ water filter removes virus, protozoan, and bacteria from any fresh water source.


The AquaBrick water purification system uses the powerful DuraFlo water filter to remove bacteria, virus, protozoan and many other dangerous chemicals from any non salt water source.

Fast and Easy Assembly

– Easily attach the tubing, DuraFlo™ Filter, spigot, and hand pump to the AquaBrick® Cap.

– Fill the AquaBrick® Container, as designated, with water.

– Insert filter with tubing down into AquaBrick® Container. Screw on lid

– Squeeze the handpump a few times to pressurize container.

– Pull the spigot open and get a glass!

It’s really that simple! AquaBrick® Water Purification System turns any source of non-salt water into safe, clean, pure drinking water.

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